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If you read my first message on my wonderful 38 y / o daughter will know that we on a little secret, a mutual interest in flogging Mary, where she is the recipient of my strict attention. Mary is a very respectable woman and mother of three and it must be said, an attractive woman, tall and redhead with a slim toned body, but firm. also has a big ass (not to thank me for saying so. ) Mary has always seen deliciousmovies myself as an authority n and always willing to listen to my advice n in a series of questions luckily for me, she is now my Consulting following in relation to 'duck ', as it led down panties! I would like a session, that tell stories with Mary. Mary arrived at ten o'clock after the school career and a little tea shop n , we talked about this and that, until the subject turned to his ' prank ' Since our last is together. Mary wearing a blue jersey with gray pants, on I enjoyed the view of its widefinal when she came deliciousmovies into my living room. I smiled to myself at the thought of the cane, I would manage to . Your ass always looks so tempting in the pants I think that is as the fabric stretches and shows a hint of her panties. lost Mary 's knee before we start with n tell you up and remove their pants and then return. Maria again in deliciousmovies her blouse and underwear, but could only see the top of the legs, when they entered n ( for example, long beautiful legs ). I instructed Mary to leather straps the cupboard, and when I tried turned has a nice view on the cheeks knickered. Mary always wears underwear sensible, fully guaranteed kind of waist (I do not care). is in a brown (very appropriate), and n hugged his broad back wonderful. Mary thrilling anticipation of fear So I have to do what is expected, horrible. for this purpose, I had to lean on the back of the sofa Mary when I met the wonderfulObjective, white buttocks earthquake under tight pants. craack AAAAAAghhh CRACK ! AAAAGGH ! 'Please, Geoff ! Ten times I opened the strap on your buttocks wait n enjoy the discomfort he was causing. S decided on this occasion, that their' bad habits ' won six strokes stroke, he said, desperately I - law and daughter. Mary brought my staff handled cane wicker basket umbrella and then bent deliciousmovies to touch your toes ( Mary knows that this n how to manage the soil). took the time to reach your top and rub their n panties fell. Mary protested weakly, as he was down, peel the panties significant that show great creamy, but red the back ( and of course ginger Busch). n SWISH owwwww deliciousmovies SWISH ! YEEOWWWW for years, I admire this beautiful deliciousmovies group today \\ \\ n I get it to thrash luck! Then Mary smiled, and asked if that enjoyed ' today's lesson,' to which she smiled and said no. Lately, I've managed to convince Maria to I massagecold cream in the ass stinging, s that was at first, because the intamacy reserved, , but I was happy to be able to convince me it was a it safe to do. Y so it was that day that Mary was quite put my ​​lap while massaging her ass wonderful. ( I'd be a liar if you do not find it exciting, he said). Of course, as expected for these old Geoff times to take advantage deliciousmovies of Mary's vagina looks smart y anus area (a wonderful tight looking for something brown hole, I suspect, never my children had been ot someone elses penis until I know that ever of excess and insulting to Mary outside our common interest, but I can not help but wonder how it would be with my management somewhat larger helicopter deliciousmovies in deep idiot) I sometimes try the little brown crease with your finger, did not contradict Mary. Finally cheerio i Maria greet our next meet this coming Sunday I 'll go for lunch with the family and without a doubt, Mary the perfect wife and mother, as it. will my childesn't our common interest need to know s, if not treason, but an understanding between a an old man and a young man, who probally do not understand.
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